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3 Tips to take control of your financial future

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3 Proven Tips to take control of your financial future

When it comes to money the idea of scarcity worries all of us at times. We have all bought into the idea that having enough money equals having a secure future. Therefore, in order to have control of our financial future security, we imagine that we must find a way to project how much money we will need when we reach retirement and make that happen. The only trouble with that plan is that what seems like more than enough money at the moment eventually turns out to be rather a middling amount. Since the money system we live with today is arguably an abstract system that was created in order to facilitate efficient exchange of goods and services, we need to be aware of the fickle facts of currency.

In the wake of the 2008 global financial meltdown, it has become clear that the system we live with is one that no longer serves the common good, but rather the greed of large corporations. Where does this leave the everyday person? Here are my three tips then for taking control of your financial future. First, understand what money really is, and how the economy operates. The value of money is not fixed, it fluctuates and that means that money by itself cannot equal security.

Second, be aware that since money is a tool that is used, it must be pro-actively used. Many of us have hang ups about using money as an investment that can grow in value quickly, given the risk is factored in. We feel safer by putting our money in the hands of experts. It is time to take our power back and to become experts ourselves. Dig in the news about which stocks are growing and talk about it! It is like British philosopher Alan Watts said, just because the yogi knows that life is a game, does not mean he cannot play the game well.

Third, make sure you whittle away at your personal debt, because that is where your finances can go wrong in a hurry. Interest rates fluctuate as much as the exchange rate and having too much debt can cripple you in the event of a raise in rates. Educating yourself about the abstract and unstable nature of money is vital to taking control of your financial future.

Look at Alan Watts various videos on youtube

e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7vFOU8e0wU