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4 Great Green Valentine’s Day Tips

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4 Green Valentine’s Day Tips

This year 14 February falls on a weekend – great news for all those star-crossed lovers and romantics at heart among us! The Feast of St Valentine – better known as Valentine’s Day – is celebrated worldwide and is synonymous with love and romance.  And yes, it’s no secret that this ‘supposed-to-be-special day’ has turned into a mega-moneymaking opportunity for everyone who’s out to make a quick buck. Flowers, chocolates, gifts – you name it, and chances are they sport an inflated price tag in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

If you’re all for saving a buck and still celebrating a memorable day with your Valentine, read on. There’s no need to splash a truckload of cash on an expensive meal or present for your beloved. By just being creative and thinking outside the proverbial box, you can surprise your Valentine and treat them to an uber-romantic occasion they’ll fondly look back on in years to come. With load shedding now part and parcel part of our daily lives, we can just as well prepare for an electricity-free do. Hey-ho, so let’s have a green Valentine’s Day and do our bit for the environment – all in one go!

4 Tips for an unusual Valentine’s Day

§  Be creative and surprise your sweetheart with a totally unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade Valentine’s Day card. Use only your imagination, cardboard, glue, glitter and a pair of scissors like in the olden days to create your masterpiece.

§  Forget about cooking a lavish meal – it’s so much more fun to build gourmet sandwiches with slices of cold meat, gherkins, cheese and whatever strikes your fancy.  Grab a bottle of your favourite wine and head to a safe picnic spot.

§  Play Scrabble or Monopoly or go for a walk – be silly, make each other laugh and spend happy time together.

§  Present your love with a hand drawn ‘I-owe-U’ voucher, promising to do something nice and thoughtful for him or her soon.

Enjoy a very special and romantic Valentine’s day with the person you love.


This article originally posted on http://www.free-quote-for-car-insurance.com/ and reposted here with permission.