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5 Steps to Great Vehicle Insurance

5 Reasons why paying a bit more for Vehicle Insurance is money well spent

Nobody really wants to spend money on insurance. So, why should you pay more?

You may end up with a lot more insurance cover for a little more money. So, that is one of the main reasons why you should shop around for insurance before you decide on an Insurance Provider.

Let’s focus on Vehicle Insurance. As you may know, financial institutions and banks insist that you take out Comprehensive Car Insurance when you finance your car through them. But, if your car is still relatively new and paid in full, do you switch over to a less expensive vehicle insurance option like Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover or even to Third Party Only Cover?

1 Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Where you are comprehensively covered against fire, theft, damage and even when you drive somebody else’s car with Comprehensive Car Insurance, the story differs if you switch over to a lesser cover package. For a little more paid in premiums, you get a great deal of extra cover. So, unless you drive an old car, rather stay on the Comprehensive Cover.

2 Touch-Up

Touch-Up covers your car against everyday damage you can get at parking lots, shopping malls and anywhere you park your car. Your car is covered for small dents, scuffs, scratch marks and chipped paint. This Vehicle Insurance add-on product will give value to your policy at little additional cost.

3 AutoTop Up

Another great Vehicle Insurance add-on product that may save the day! Have you considered what the consequences will be if your car is written off or stolen?  Your Insurance Provider pays out what the car was worth at that time, but the amount owed to the bank is not covered.

This is where Auto Top Up comes in. This add-on policy covers the outstanding amount you still owe on your car. With this add-on, you can rest assured that your car is covered against almost any eventuality.

4 Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical Breakdown cover provides cover against mechanical and electrical breakdown. This valuable add-on may save you from having to apply for a personal loan if your car has to be repaired quickly and you are strapped for cash.

5 Tyre & Rim Guard

The remedy for our deteriorating roads and potholes galore may just be the affordable Tyre & Rim Guard add-on. At very little additional cost, your tyres and rims will be covered against pothole damage.