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A Month for WOMEN

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Salute WOMEN this month

Sunday 9 August marks Woman’s Day in South Africa. A day celebrating women and all they do for us. A colleague earlier today made a remark that the whole exercise is sexist, after which he had a good chuckle. As a woman myself, I found myself wondering exactly what this day means to me? How would I actually like to spend it?

All too often we, or most certainly I, take for granted that it’s a long weekend. YESSSSS. Time for sun, braaivleis, and family time. However, I do not take the time or treat the day in question with the respect and reverence it deserves. No public holiday in our country has come without some kind of sacrifice or struggle. And so one should contemplate those who have gone before us. Say a quiet prayer of thanks for their journey, for their pain, suffering and ultimately victory.

The women who marched on our behalf, all those years ago, fighting for equality. Fighting for the right to vote, and to be heard and most importantly to be acknowledged.

As a 38 year old South African woman I salute and honour you because without YOU I would not be who I am today. THANK YOU! and a blessed Woman’s month to all!