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Activities for the School Holiday

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Affordable Winter School Holiday Fun

With the long winter school holidays just around the corner, it’s important to have something planned to keep the kids busy during these weeks. You can start to plan by having a look around to see if there are any holiday clubs offering programs to school kids during the upcoming school holidays. This is especially handy if you need someone to look after the kids during the day while you’re at work or if they become bored of being at home.

Age Appropriate School Holiday Entertainment

When you decide what to do during the school holidays, remember to keep the outings and projects age appropriate. Small kids may enjoy pasting macaroni onto cardboard, but older kids may be treated with art classes or craft workshops. If they enjoy painting, for instance, you can also get them canvas and paints which they can use at home. The same goes for other interests and hobbies.

School Holiday Day Trips

If you can’t go away on vacation during the school holidays, you can opt for one or more day trips. These trips can include visits to petting zoos or the local zoo, going to local museums, or trips to uShaka Marine World, the Valley of the Waves at Sun City, Table Mountain, The Ice Age Exhibition, or whatever else is available in your vicinity.

You can also search for family packages if you do plan on going away for the school holidays. This is especially handy when travelling with younger kids, as there is usually a discount available for kids under a certain age.

Work According to Your Budget

Be realistic when you entertain your kids during the school holidays and keep to what your budget allows you to do. For instance, it is a lot cheaper to have a movie day at home and rent some DVDs than it is to take everyone to the movie theatre. You don’t have to go on expensive holidays or break the bank to make good memories about a school holiday.

Author: Carin Marais

Carin Marais writes web articles, guest and blog posts, and fiction. With interests ranging from pop culture and technology to literature, mythology and archeology, her writing covers diverse subjects. To contact Carin for articles and guest posts, or to read her work, go to her home page, her blog Hersenskim or follow her on Twitter @CarinMarais.