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Back to School Time Again

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Proven Tips to make 2015 the Best Back to School experience ever

The South African education system has been criticized from all sides and the 2014 results for all grades have been rather discouraging, to say the least! Parents want their children to receive the best possible education and most parents will make huge sacrifices to ensure that their children receive only the best. Now it’s time to go back to school and many parents not only worry about the quality of education that their children will get; they also worry about the cost of keeping their children at school. Here are a few tips on helping your child get the most out of the school year when he goes back to school:

Parent involvement

Become involved in your child’s school. Some schools allow parents to pay school fees by working at the school. But even if you can afford school fees it is sensible and beneficial to be involved. The children of parents that interact with the teachers and that contribute towards the smooth management of the school generally achieve better results.

 Estimated cost

Engage with the school and find out what the estimated cost of the school year will be. Many parents fail to take events like leadership camps, sport tours, other outings and a million other incidentals into account when they budget.

Save more

Engage with other parents about saving money on transport by starting lift clubs when it’s back to school time this year. Why buy an expensive new blazer when an older child’s blazer that has become too small is still in good condition? In the same way, offer clothes that have grown too small and that are in good condition to parents with smaller children. There is absolutely no shame in being sensible about such matters!

The Curriculum

Be involved with the child’s curriculum after he goes back to school. A frightening number of parents are of the opinion that it is the teacher’s job to teach and not the parent’s responsibility! Surely all the various aspects of raising a well-balanced child is ultimately the responsibility of the parents!