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How to change a tyre

How to change a tyre safely in 10 easy steps

Flat tyres are a real hassle, but if you know how to change a tyre, you will be able to do it in next to no time.

NOTE: Before you change your tyre, remember to place your safety triangles at both ends of your vehicle in order to warn other motorists that your vehicle is stationary.

Follow these 10 easy steps and you will be able to change a tyre like a real pro.

1. Secure the vehicle

Make sure that the vehicle is parked on a stable surface.

2. Jack up your vehicle

Insert the jack under your vehicle and carefully start jacking up your car.

3. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap of the tyre

Insert the point of a flat screwdriver between the edge of the hubcap and the tyre rim. Now repat the action at various points on the hubcap. Lift the hubcap or tyre cover.

4. Loosen the wheel nuts

Fit the wrench on the wheel nuts holding the tyre and turn counterclockwise. Turn each one loose enough to remove by hand. When they are loose, turn the wheel nuts all the way off by hand and store them in a safe place where they can’t get lost.

5. Remove the flat tyre

Pull the tyre from its fixture, using both hands. This distributes the pull evenly and will prevent the tyre from getting stuck. Once the flat tyre is removed, store it safely away from the road surface.

6. Fit the spare tyre on your car

Lift your spare tyre with both hands and fit it in place.

7. Replace the wheel nuts

Replace each one by hand and turn until it grips. Fasten the wheel nuts securely, using the wrench. Tighten the wheel nuts until they hold tight.

8. Lower your vehicle and remove the jack

Lower your vehicle slowly until it rests on the ground. Remove the jack and tighten wheel nuts more securely, once again using your wrench.

9. Replace the wheel cover or hubcap

You can select whether to replace your hubcap or not. If your spare tyre is smaller than your other tyres, it would be safer not to replace the hubcap. Rather store it in your trunk until you have a new tyre fitted in place of your spare tyre.

10. Clear up and drive on safely

Remember to replace your jack, screwdriver and safety triangles in your trunk. Ensure that it is safe to turn on to the road and drive carefully to a service station where you can get a new tyre.

Drive Safely!