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How to handle a tyre burst

How to handle a tyre burst in 5 steps

Having a tyre burst is one of the scariest things that can happen to any driver. If you travel too fast when your tyre bursts, you may lose control of your car. So, always drive carefully and follow the following  5 steps when you have a tyre burst:

Step 1: No sudden braking

Hold on to your steering wheel and slowly reduce speed if you have been driving above 90 kph. Never brake suddenly. When you slam your brakes on, you will lose control of your car. Rather reduce your speed gradually

Step 2: Reduce speed slowly

Leave your foot on the accelerator, then release it slowly. If you are driving with your cruise control on, disengage it immediately.

Step 3: Vehicle Control

Keep your vehicle straight and under control. Try to avoid taking corners or turning, because that may cause you to start swerving. Take care not to drift off the road or into the other lane. Switch your hazards on to signal other drivers that you are experiencing trouble.

Step 4: Pull over

Never pull, tug or yank the steering wheel to one side. You will lose control of the vehicle. Look for a safe spot to pull over and stop. Your hazards should be on at this stage.

Step 5: Stop at a safe place

Even if you have to drive on the rim of your tyre, do so. Never stop in the middle of the road. Keep in mind that traffic is still traveling at speed around you.

Please try to remember these 5 steps in the unfortunate event of suffering from a tyre burst. It may save your life.