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Harvard Awaits DA Titan Lindiwe Mazibuko

<img src="Mazibuko.jpg" alt="Lindiwe Mazibuko" width="290" height="173">

Lindiwe Mazibuko – a woman of many talents

Despite being called derogative names such as ‘tea girl’, ‘nobody’, and ‘coconut’, brilliant Lindiwe Mazibuko will be hailed Harvard graduate soon.

Brilliant and Well-Educated Politician

Lindiwe Mazibuko (34), upon acceptance of a year-long scholarship from the prestigious Harvard University in the US, resigned from her position as the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) parliamentary leader.

Lindiwe’s political journey in the DA, in her own words, has been fast-moving ever since she joined the party seven years ago as a parliamentary researcher. She is adamant that she will remain a loyal DA supporter and hopes to continue her political career once she has completed her new studies in public management.

After pursuing a Bachelor of Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Lindiwe obtained both a BA (French, Classics, Media & Writing) in 2006 and a BA Honours (Political Communication) in 2007 from UCT. In 2012 she was named South Africa’s Most Influential Woman.

Explaining her desire to further her studies, Lindiwe stated in a letter published in City Press that “I have a personal vision, aligned with the fundamental vision and principles of the DA, to form part of the first opposition government that will lead our country in a direction that truly fulfils its potential. I believe that enriching my knowledge and reflecting on my experiences thus far will enable me to better fulfil this ambition.”

No Clash of the DA Titans

Speculations that Lindiwe Mazibuko actually quit her parliamentary leadership position because of a breakdown in relations between her and DA party leader Helen Zille, are vehemently denied by both women. Lindiwe’s mother, June Mazibuko, in an article by Bongani Hans, is quoted as stating “Helen was very supportive of Lindiwe pursuing her studies. She said if she came back she’d be welcomed back to the DA.”

Lindiwe scoffed at allegations that she feared she would lose the battle for parliamentary leadership to Mmusi Maimane and said it was not the reason why she had resigned.   According to an article in the Times Live, Lindiwe said she rated Mmusi highly, and thought him to be “telegenic, articulate, and smart.”

Lindiwe now looks forward to embark on her Harvard adventure and believes her experience abroad will improve what she will offer the DA politically in future.







Image Courtesy of:  ewn.co.za