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How do the homeless get back home?

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Do we ever give the Homeless a second thought?

The idea of having a home, a place of safety and comfort is a central human concern. Knowing where we are going to sleep at night is pretty basic. It is hard to imagine that on any given night, there are countless people who do not have a home. It seems unreal, but yet it is a fact that many people, people that are not unlike our-selves are faced with the inhumane struggle of living on the street. There are those individuals, like David Fortune, who assist the homeless, but as a society we can do much more to change the fate of people living on the streets. See Link: http://www.share-international.org/archives/homelessness/hl-Ashoka-D-Fortune.html Living in the city can be hard, the streets are dirty, most people you see fall in the category of strangers, and there is an air of unpredictability. For anyone passing through on their business, the time spent on the street can be seen as a necessary inconvenience. For someone who has no where else to go, it can be a living hell. For the unfortunate souls who fall in the homeless category, the level of inequality experienced cannot be understood by the uninitiated. How do we get the homeless back home? There are no easy answers to the many questions that homelessness raises. In fact, the complexity of the issue makes most of us shy away without even wanting to engage with it. It seems that the more we look at the problem the worse it gets. And besides, surely if someone is homeless there must be something so fundamentally different about them that we surely cannot walk a path together? The truth is that someone who is without a home is just like you and me, they have exactly the same needs as we do.

The question is: How do we get the homeless back home?