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How to treat yourself in 2 easy steps

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Treat yourself in 2 easy steps

Spring is here at last. Along with the tender shoots of new life appearing everywhere, the time has come to treat yourself for a change. The most simple and satisfying way to treat yourself is to appreciate and value who and what you are.

Be kind to yourself:

  • Define yourself as a precious human being.

  • Value yourself as being worthy of love and attention.

  • Take time out to connect with your feelings.

Spoil yourself with a precious gift today – simply because you are you. Receiving a gift will make you feel valued and appreciated. Gifts do not necessarily come in beautifully wrapped packages – they can come in all sorts of manners and disguises. Sometimes a gift can take the form of well-deserved me-time.

1. Have a bubble bath

  • Spoil yourself with a bar of French or Italian soap.

  • Step into a bath filled with fragrant, silky bubbles. Add a candle or two, a flower, and a glass of wine.

  • Relax and think happy thoughts.

2. Have a meal outside

  • Set a tray with your best crockery and your favourite food; add candles, and a sparkling drink.

  • Enjoy your meal in the garden at dusk and listen to the birds going to sleep.

  • Be thankful, live in the moment, and gaze at the moon and stars.

  • Put on some music and dance in the dark – nobody is watching.

  • Take a deep breath and tell yourself you are special.

  • Clear your mind of worries and believe that your future is bright.

Don’t wait for someone else to spoil you. Treat yourself now and then. Remember, sometimes the greatest gifts are to be found in the small things. Start the new season with a rejuvenated spirit and body.

Author: Rachelle du Bois

Rachelle du Bois is an independent author of ten published romantic novels. She is also a freelance writer. Contact her at http://rachelleduboisenglish14.com.