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Instability in the Corporate environment

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PROVIDE for the future

Research related to Instability in the Corporate Environment

Much speculation and research by economists relating to instability in the corporate environment is at the order of the day. They look at the stability of banking systems, the rule of governments and economic growth of countries to ascertain whether a country will have an unstable corporate environment.

Macroeconomic instability

It is said by those in the ‘know’ that macroeconomic instability can affect the risk of a company being liquidated. The moment you have a macroeconomic downturn, you have an increase in companies going bankrupt, according to Arnab Bhattacharjee, Christopher Higson, Sean Holly and Paul Kattuman from the University of Cambridge, who did a research paper on macroeconomic instability.

Managing Food Price Risks and Instability in an Environment of Market Liberalization Managing Food Price

Agriculture and rural development department, Report No. 32727 – GLB states in the executive introduction that food price risks and instability are issues which have been included in food policy debates for decades. Since the 1990’s this has become an urgent issue in the context of market liberalization.

Stressed out Pilots

More research shows that the stress pilots suffer from, are due to corporate instability. I just read about a pilot who stripped himself of most of his clothes after being asked to remove his belt and shoes at passport control. This is not a natural response and possibly due to stress.

Learn, read, research and equip yourself

Whether travel, agriculture or corporate companies, we all feel the brunt of the instability in one sense or another. We don’t have to work in a specific environment to be aware of instabilities in the corporate environment.

All you need is a newspaper or Internet connection and you will find pages and pages, websites and websites arguing the effects of this phenomena on the unsuspecting man in the street.

You need to be informed. You need to feel some form of concern. Any instabilities in the corporate environment touches your own pockets and future…not to mention the future of your children. We may not be able to do much to change the risks of businesses but we can think further than the present when it comes to making provision for our future.

You can only make the correct choices if you are equipped with the necessary information and have a basic knowledge of instabilities in the corporate environment.

Do your research via the Internet and read market related reports in your local newspaper. Learn about the economy of your country and about ways and means to invest your hard earned cash in a wise and effective way to generate enough funds for your future.

Do NOT add to the stress of instability! Get your Insurance cover in order!

This article was originally posted on http://www.willemgous.com/   and is reposted here with permission.