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Is a Silver Car a Good Idea?

<img src="silver car.jpg" alt="silver car" width="300" height="300">

Thinking of buying a silver car?

There is only one other colour car that is as bad as a silver car. That colour is white. What kind of person buys a white or silver car? As far as I am concerned neither white or silver is even a colour. It is more like the absence of colour! There is more than enough dullness in life, to even consider adding a dull silver car to it. Why on earth would you do that?

Reasons for not buying a silver car

Boring Shade

Silver lacks the spark and energy that a lot of other colors have. If you are a conservative person, looking for a conservative car in a very conservative colour, then by all means buy a silver car. If you are not sure what I mean by ‘conservative’, just replace it with ‘boring’.
If you are a sporty person with a sporty audience, a silver car will do nothing for you!

Easy to Forget

A silver car doesn’t show dirt well and it’s easy to forget to clean it. In time it could cause some serious damage to the paint. There may be dirt eating away at your car’s surface and you don’t even know it.

Old Fashioned

Silver is the colour for old fashioned people with old fashioned ways of thinking and old fashioned style. A survey showed that one in three younger drivers (18-34) would choose black but just 13% of this age group would pick a silver car. Don’t buy a silver car because your father and grandfather did. Silver is so old!

Not Sexy

Silver was never seen as sexy, but it was regarded as practical for a decade or so. Somewhere just after the ice-age. Take note, that has changed.


It is said that silver is the most unstable of the automotive paint pigments and show rapid deterioration. Many silver cars and trucks have bad paint, lots of completely eroded areas, especially on the roof and hood. That’s the only color with chronic problems. Matching silver for a touch-up job is really very difficult, so it is almost impossible to repaint sections of the body paint.


Silver cars are not easily visible in overcast or rainy weather and the colour doesn’t differ enough from the road colour to be clearly seen in the distance. That makes driving a silver car unsafe.

Colour Psychology

From this viewpoint silver has feminine energy – not the colour for a man. Silver is related to the moon – not the colour for sane people. Silver is the colour for emotionally blocked people. If that is you, buy a silver car. Silver inspires clairvoyance and mental telepathy. Sounds spooky to me.

Actually Gray

Silver is a colour for fighter planes, not for cars. It is actually a fancy name for gray. Grey men with gray personalities, wearing gray suits and even gray jocks buy silver or gray cars.


Silver spells bland and bleak. Somewhere between black and white. A colour for people with little or no imagination.


Ref.: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/

This article originally posted on http://www.dial-direct.co.za/ and reposted here with permission.