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The Journey of a Creative Mind


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The Journey of a Creative Mind

The Journey’s Origin:

The mind is the source of creative ideas, and in it and through it we give birth to that which was once invisible.

Although this Journey of creativity populates the physical world, there is also another dimension that is hidden – the Journey to create the unseen.

Journey of the Seen – a Back Seat View:

Many years ago our ancestors sat around fires, their backsides in (very) close proximity to Mother Earth. The hard surface must have caused many a painful bum for the less padded, and a fair amount of behinds probably endured excruciating insect bites.

What a bummer!

I imagine the artist of the tribe thought about this dilemma and promptly carved wooden stumps for all to sit on. The ‘’hard-sit’ was created.

This particular Journey‘s first step solved the critter problem, but not the hard surface. Inspired by a sense of achievement the artist then wove a bamboo sandwich crammed with grass. The ‘soft-sit’ was fashioned on top of the ‘hard-sit’ and thus the comfortable chair was born!

What a Journey!

Journey of the Unseen – a Front Seat View:

How does the Journey to create the invisible happen and what does it look like?

Imagine Mr. X has a habit of jumping to conclusions. This unfortunate malady is also known as ‘being presumptuous’.  Several close friends pointed this out to Mr. X but he never seemed to get it.

Years later a stranger called him presumptuous and Mr. X finally got it.

The Journey begins…

In the weeks that follow Mr. X becomes the ‘silent observer’. A part of him steps back and watches his reactions in a detached kind of way.

To become someone who does not jump to conclusions, Mr. X has to take another step on this Journey. He needs to take a back seat. This means he has to hold his tongue and keep his fears in check. His willingness to change motivates him to work hard at achieving a state whereby he views everything by allowing events to unfold.

Once Mr. X can do this consistently – this particular Journey to create the unseen has been mastered.

The ‘Master of the Journey’ changed himself.

What a Journey!


Author: Sharon du Plessis

Bio: Artist and Writer, author and illustrator of self-published Afrikaans Tarot Deck, Shaman apprentice and teacher.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragonrose-C/1454409711482680

Email: bermuda_tri3@yahoo.co.uk