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MMUSI MAIMANE – Future President of South Africa?

<img src="mmusi maimane.jpg" alt="Mmusi Maimane" width="169" height="297">

“Mmusi Maimane for PRESIDENT!”

This is an outcry heard from all over the country since Mmusi Maimane was elected as leader of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s official opposition party. His political career is a fairly short, but impressive one. Many are quite intrigued by this young politician, while he is highly praised from inner circles of the DA. South Africa is desperate for political change and renewal. What if Mmusi Maimane is the one to lead us to positive change and prosperity?

Uphill battle towards Presidency:

Surely he still has a long way to go within the DA as their new leader. He should be given appropriate time and opportunity to grow into that role before he or anyone else can dream any bigger. According to the press, Mr. Maimane seems to be strong, well informed and intelligent. He has the makings of a true leader and president, without a doubt, with the appropriate education, his sharp wits and humane manner. He also has a certain charm about him; quite appealing to the general public. In some media reports, he is even called the Obama of Soweto. Surely we are a nation looking forward to a president and first lady to admire and look up to.

In a wounded country such as ours, any president would face an uphill battle, though. This young leader, despite his age, doesn’t shy away from any challenge or difficulty while believing in transparency and honesty. Thus far, his actions are reflective of his words. At the age of 34, Mmusi Maimane is believed to have a special appeal to the youth, which the DA finds to be a huge advantage to the party. Could he also make a considerable difference in the number of black voters?

“One Nation, One Future”

The new DA leader devoted himself to delivering the South African dream: One Nation One Future. In his speech delivered in parliament this year, Mmusi Maimane brought tribute to the late literary Prof. André Brink: “You cannot blame a faceless system for the evils in society. It is human beings that perpetrate wrongs against others. And it is human beings that have the power to correct these wrongs”.

Promises Promises….

“Political parties often make promises in order to win votes. But there are few parties who can say that they deliver on those promises. The DA is one such party”, says Mmusi. Gathered from his recent and previous public speeches, he seems to have big plans for the party. He undertook to uphold DA values, amongst other promises: And so we will campaign without cease or respite, before and after the election, until our country really is a land of hope and opportunity, of peace and prosperity, of safety and security. For all the rainbow people.” As excellent debater, he strongly challenges the promises of his opposition, especially president Zuma, by holding him accountable for them. If given a fair chance, Mmusi Maimane might just be the one to deliver on a fair and bright future for our beautiful nation.