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MUST Know Facts About Insurance

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Insurance Facts you should be aware of

Insurance has revolutionized the way we look at what we have and what we hold dear. It gives us peace of mind that the things we treasure will be safeguarded. Life insurance products provide a safety net for our loved ones after our untimely demise. However, increased sophistication in the structuring of insurance products has brought with it a veritable rainfall of legal jargon that make insurance contracts difficult to understand for the average person.

What you see is what you get, may not always be the case when it comes to insurance. Obscure clauses hidden in the fine print are like bear traps ready to ensnare you. Consider the following hints to avoid being blinded by the fine print when evaluating insurance policies:

Don’t just sign the contract –  take the time to understand what your policy says and what it means. Your interpretation might be different, so to avoid potential future dissatisfaction ask questions – they are always free!

Consider if the insurance product caters to your needs. If it falls short in certain areas ask for alternative options that would help provide you with the full cover you need. Very importantly, also consider whether the product includes features you know you either do not or will not need and ask to have those features removed – irrelevant cover costs you unnecessary money.

When presented with a “money-back guarantee” make sure you truly understand the cost consequences thereof – Nothing is ever for free and in most cases the “money-back guarantee” is financed through increased monthly premiums.

Negotiate your insurance product and its cost. If you don’t ask for discount, you will never get it!

The choice remains yours. Marketing gimmicks might tempt you, but thorough customer service and value for money should drive your ultimate decision.