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Oscar Pistorius trial day 38&39

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Trial day 38&39

Oscar Pistorius Trial – collective holding of breath

In terms of world news, the Oscar-trial is still one of the most popular, selling a lot of newspapers. During Day 38 in court, the expectations were high that Oscar’s re-enacting video which was broadcast by Channel Seven: Sunday Night Australia, would make a huge impact though it has not been entered as evidence in the trial. The whole day this anticipation of the video was present there in the courtroom, but as “a white elephant’’. Although it is in public domain, it was not part of the court proceedings. In 38 days of evidence since March, advocate Gerrie Nel is winning the battle. The South African Paralympic Sports and Exercise doctor, Wayne Derman has not been an independent witness. He has been Oscar’s doctor for the last six years. Allegations of bias and subjectivity surfaced. Apart from the fact that he had a history with Oscar, it was also his first time as a witness in a criminal case and he was not qualified in psychometric testing. The cross-examination was grueling and advocate Gerrie Nel concluded: ”Dr Derman, you are not objective.”

Oscar Pistorius Trial – Reliving the trauma does not make sense

The Evidence Room is a US- based company that produces forensic animation. They produced the video that shows Oscar walking on his stumps, acting out the aiming of a handgun and carrying a woman downstairs( in this case his sister Aimee), in order to demonstrate how he carried his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on that fatal morning of Valentine’s Day in 2013. From a psychological perspective, (taking into consideration that there was evidence of PTSD/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), it does not make sense. If a person suffers from PTSD, he or she will absolutely do everything possible to avoid reliving the trauma. People do not “get over” PTSD. The neuroendocrine system is in overdrive. The impact is so profound that defense mechanisms are put in place immediately in order to avoid reliving the trauma.

Oscar Pistorius Trial – Sibling support

On various occasions Aimee Pistorius was seen in court breaking down crying and praying for her brother. She wants to help and protect him. She is feeling his pain and suffering. Sibling support has become predominant. While dominating conversations are about this ”white elephant” in the courtroom, one cannot help to feel sincere empathy for Oscar’s siblings.

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This article was published on http://www.auto-and-general.co.za/  and is reposted with permission.

Reference: Oscar Trial DSTV Channel 199