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SA Actress caught with Drugs at airport

<img src="drugs.jpg" alt="Drugs" width="300" height="200">


A South African actress was allegedly caught at OR Tambo airport, attempting to smuggle in ephedrine. Details will only be released after her court appearance.

The story makes me feel so sad though. Even though the name has not been disclosed, does it really matter? It is yet another story of somebody we look up to and admire, falling prey to weakness and temptation.

Not that I am saying I have never fallen prey to either of those. I most definitely have! I have made more mistakes than I have hairs on my head. But something like this, over 15 kilograms of drugs in your luggage, is a very big mistake! It always starts with just one, and then two, and then more and more. Money always beckons, and temptation always looks so appealing!

Riches, wealth, and a way out of poverty, a way out of debt, is always the biggest motivator, especially in a country like ours, so full of unemployment.

But a choice like this will always result in terrible ramifications. If you do not get caught the first time, maybe not even the second time, it is always an attractive option to just carry on. But all our actions in life, seen or unseen, somehow all have a way of catching up to us.

Never feel so desperate that you have no other choice you can see. Always believe that doing the right thing will always end in good. Never ever give up.