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Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping

Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping to keep you safe

It’s that time of year again! The festive season is here and we are all finishing off projects at work, school is out and everybody wants to take a well-deserved break.

Shopping malls are decorated for Christmas and BIG shopping lies ahead. Keep in mind that criminals love Christmas as much as we do, except they do not use their credit cards or cash.

Read through the following safety tips for festive season shopping and make sure that you stay alert. You do not want all your Christmas shopping stolen before you even get home.

Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping #1: Shopping Mall Parking

Most shopping mall parking lots have security guards and car guards, but there are a few things that you still have to be aware of when you park your car to spend the rest of the day shopping to your heart’s content.

Damage to your car by other shoppers can result in the following:

  • Shopping trolleys: Small dents and scratch marks can damage the paintwork of your car when negligent shoppers do not steer their trolleys properly.
  • Parking space: Car doors can dent and scratch your car when parking too close.

Always park as close as possible to the entrance you want to use and make sure that another driver can’t try to squeeze between your car and the next parking spot. Acknowledge the closest car guard and remember what he/she looks like. If something happens to your car, you may have a witness and hopefully the registration number of the culprit.

Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping #2: Personal Safety
  • Never park next to vans and cars with tinted windows
  • Lock all doors, close all windows and check again before you walk away
  • If possible, have somebody accompany you when shopping
  • Do not approach your car if you see suspicious people lurking around
  • If possible, ask a car guard or security guard to accompany you to your car if you have a trolley loaded with shopping bags and gifts
  • Be aware of your surroundings and have your keys ready when you approach your car
  • Lock your car doors immediately when you are in the car
Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping #3: Shopping bags
  • Never leave packages and shopping bags visible on your car seat, rather lock it in your car trunk
  • Buy the most expensive items later in the day and do not leave them in the car when you continue shopping
  • When you take purchases to your car and want to continue shopping, park your car in another spot so that prowlers may think that you have left for the day

Enjoy your shopping and we hope that these Safety Tips for Festive Season Shopping will help to keep you safe.

Happy Holidays!