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Surviving Change in 4 Easy Steps

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Adapting to & Surviving Change  in 4 Simple, Easy Steps

Change is constant, it is inevitable, we experience change on a daily basis, in some cases we choose change, by changing of jobs and in other circumstances it is forced upon us. To me change is good it gives you perspective, a time to analyse and revert back to basics. Change is taking steps where you regulate the “Pace”.

Surving Change: The PACE Technique

  •  P (Plan)
  •  A (Act)
  •  C (Communicate)
  •  E (Everlasting)

1. Surviving Change: Plan

Plan – we have to revert to the end in mind, if it is a personal issue it is important to know and establish where you want to be and what is the outcome going to be – The goals that you want to achieve by making the changes or making provision for what the change might bring.

2.  Surviving Change: Act

Act – this is the time to act on what you set out to achieve, we have to take action at some point and this is where you take charge, take ownership and lead.

3.  Surviving Change: Communicate

Communicate – this is the glue to your planning, it is crucial, personal motivation and a little bit of encouragement from a confidant is always a good way to stay motivated and keeps the plan real and achievable.

4.  Surviving Change: Everlasting

Everlasting – we have adapted to the change. Final stages are basically accepting the change, live the life that you have planned.

In the end we all have changes, dealing with them is not always easy and the most important part is how you deal with it? And how it will affect you, we cannot always determine what is planned for us, it is more the experience you gain from the journey. “How do you eat a elephant? – Bit by bit” – Unknown

Robin Sharma   said that “A good leader adapts to change” and “Become the change you want to see in yourself “- Unknown

When applying these simple steps, anything is possible.


Author: William Carter

William Carter – Freelance writer that likes writing about actual events that are relevant to the time we are in. My passion is people, we are so diverse in many ways, my opinion might not be yours but in today’s world we all have the right to opinions and formulations. It is nice to be able to debate and in the end be as we are.

Email: wcarter08@hotmail.com