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Swing Back to School in 2015!

<img src="back to school.jpg" alt="Back to school" width="300" height="282">

Back to School so soon?

And 2015 is already in full swing. Hard to believe that just a month ago we were all in the hype of the Christmas bug, frantically buying last minute groceries and presents, and now all mommies and daddies are back behind their desks and our little darlings are back in their cells. I mean, back at school. New teachers, new timetables, new extra murals, new books, and new challenges. Both for them and for us, the parents. Covering books as though your very life depended on it, feverishly sticking yourself to the sticky plastic, and ruing the day you ever chose to be the perfect parent.  Stewing over the lunch menu. Sandwiches piled high with cucumber, cheese, ham. (brown bread naturally). Lunch boxes stuffed with carrot sticks and celery.  Water by the bottle. Gallon bottle.  Perfect haircuts. No glimpse of gel, hair dye or nailpolish. Gleaming new school shoes which in turn give gleaming blisters.  School dresses way too long for their wearers, school shorts hanging nearly below the knees, too-long school socks. And an all-over feeling of hope. Hope that the teacher will like your darling. Hope that your darling won’t bite another child in full site of anybody. Hope that you will continue being mom of the year and supplying balanced healthy lunches and not, out of pure desperation, shoving some pizza slices and left-over bread into an old margarine tub with a bottle of Coke. Hope that you will stick to your own diet, and manage to at least keep going to the gym until the end of February. Hope that demerits will be curbed and detention will be a thing of 2014. Hope that petrol prices will plummet. Hope that the cost of living will somehow decrease by 20%. In general, hope that this year will be better than the last. That your resolutions will be kept. That you and your beautiful family and friends will be healthy, safe and prosperous in the months to come. And we wish you the same. From our family to yours, Happy Back to School!