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The forgotten elderly in Modern Society

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The scourge of the forgotten elderly

Modern society is fast-paced, stressful  and demanding. People live busy lives and they feel that they have to keep pace with their peers. As a consequence, family life suffers. Many families almost never spend their fee time together. Children are left in the care of strangers and those that can afford it keep their children busy with extramural activities. But it not just children that suffer. Perhaps the most vulnerable victims of modern society are the elderly.

Many thousands of elderly and frail people flounder in institutions, being cared for by indifferent staff. They are placed in those institutions by their own children and loved ones; supposedly to make sure that they receive professional care and that they will be able to enjoy a social life among their own age group.

The cruel reality is that many of these elderly people are desperately lonely, utterly depressed and thoroughly bored. Many elderly people are lucky to receive a visit from their own children perhaps once a year! They feel abandoned and worthless. They do not understand why they have been discarded by their own loved ones.

When a loved one becomes unable to look after him- or herself, it is vital to carefully consider the options and the of sequences of each option. Think carefully about the following things before making a decision to place an elderly parent in a “home”.

The word “home” in the phrase “old age home” is a terrible misnomer. These places are not homes. Homes are places where everyone belongs, loves each other and share each other’s lives. A home is a safe haven. In many old age homes, residents are left to fend for themselves. Abuse in all its ugly forms is common. Placing an elderly loved one in such a place should be the absolutely last resort.

Young people forget about the many sacrifices that their parents made to give them the best life they possibly could. They forget that their parents denied themselves many things in order to satisfy the needs and wants of their children. And the young people conveniently forget that they owe their parents a debt of gratitude. They deny the fact that it is their sacred duty to make sure that they spend the last years of their lives enveloped in comfort, love and security.


This article originally posted on http://www.facts-about-insurance.com/ and re-posted here with permission.