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The Lamest Valentines Day Gifts ever!

<img src="heart shaped pizza.jpg" alt="heart shaped pizza" width="130" height="97">

These lame gifts on Valentines Day will drop your score!

It is after all the thought that counts, right? What you may have thought to be an acceptable Valentines Day gift, could be disastrous for your relationship. What she thinks of your gift could send you hiking. Don’t understand what I mean? Well, try one of these:

Diamond Ring Key chain

When your girlfriend hinted about diamonds, she most definitely didn’t have one of these in mind. A fake diamond ring to hold her keys can do serious damage to your face when she throws it at you. Surely you know that, or are you trying to get rid of her?

Heart-Shaped Pizza

Everybody loves pizza. Yes, on every other day but Valentines Day! Come on, it will look like the last minute gift that it probably was and that you put absolutely no thought into getting her a decent gift, which you didn’t. If you like eating pizza alone, go right ahead.

Elephant Poop Roses

As much as your girlfriend might be into saving the rain forests, the rhino and every whale in every ocean, be assured she will not appreciate any type of gift made in Thailand out of recycled elephant poop. Not even a bunch of roses!

A Real Kitten or Puppy

Sure, most girls fuss about puppies and kittens. They look really cute and cuddly but they are so much more work then you imagine. She may even blame you for giving her all the extra responsibility and work. Remember, puppies grow up to chew shoes, socks and furniture. And kittens could ruin her raw silk curtains in one day. When you want to take her away for a romantic week-end , who will take care of the animals?

Valentines Day Couple T-Shirts

Some adorable matching or linked t-shirts may seem like a great idea and everyone will know that she is your girl. But will either of you really have the guts to wear it in public? Think hard and deep before you consider this gift.

Exercise gear

Any type of exercising device or clothes or shoes or books or DVD’s will immediately make her assume that you think she is fat. Even if she is a little overweight, Valentines Day is not a good time to remind her.

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This article originally posted on http://www.dial-direct.co.za and reposted here with permission.