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All about Valentines Day Hearts

<img src="red heart.jpg" alt="Red Heart" width="150" height="139">

The story behind Valentines Day Hearts

Where does the idea of red hearts and romance come from?

The heart symbol is a global icon used to portray love. Cupid’s arrow through a heart symbolizes a wounded heart and a heart broken in two pieces portrays a broken heart or love sickness.

The heart as a symbol of romantic love was first portrayed during the late 1250s. It can be seen in a miniature artwork, called Roman de la poire. It depicts a kneeling lover offering his heart to a lady.

<img src="painting.jpg" alt="Painting" width="110" height="134">

Roman de la Poire

The heart shape has also been used on playing cards since the late 15th century. Let’s take a closer look at the specific use and meaning of hearts regarding Valentines Day.

The color of a Valentines Day Heart

Valentines Day hearts are usually red or pink. These hearts can be depicted on cards, T-shirts, chocolates and avery kind of Valentine’s gift imaginable. The red or pink color symbolizes warmth, love, passion and romance.

The Pierced Heart

An arrow through a heart as depicted on many Valentines Day cards symbolizes the vulnerability of a heart. This is to show that one’s heart is pierced with an arrow of love and therefore vulnerable. The heart will heal if love is returned, but may perish when love remains unrequited.

Valentines Day Hearts through the ages

The association with the heart symbol for Valentines Day stems from the feeling that your heart beats faster when excited and emotional. So, this was a way to say to someone that your heart beats faster when you are close to them. The heart was seen as the seat of emotions, feelings and love.

The expression, “Wearing one’s Heart on one’s Sleeve”, originated in Britain during the 1800s. This is due to young lovers pinning a piece of paper to their sleeve. Written on this slip of paper was the name of the young man’s lady love or the name of the young man fancied by a girl.

Happy Valentines Day!