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Velfie, Velfie, Velfie

<img src="Velfie.jpg" alt="Velfie" width="300" height="200">

VELFIES: Crazy new Trend:

First came the selfie

What a peculiar thing

But the emotions of the velfie

Will make your heart sing…

Selfies, VELFIES, Ussies and even Suzelfsies

Move over Selfie, make way for the Velfie! Yes, the world got hit by yet another new craze in the form of Video Selfies, or rather Velfies. How exciting is this?! The Oxford Dictionaries even named selfie as word of the year for 2013. Since smart phones and tablets first made their appearance in our lives, our world would never be the same again. These devices became not only a fashion item, luxury or necessity, but so much more. For many, it became their absolute lifeline of communication. Who are we anyway, without our gadgets, that is?

Even though technology brought loved ones living far away right into our homes on a daily basis through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Skype, we are now lonelier than ever. It became easier to communicate online, forcing direct human contact and communication to the back seat. Sadly, our beloved gadgets became a new form of addiction and no less serious than any other. Surely we all had the experience where a group of people (call them family members or friends), all sat together in silence, everyone on their smartphones busy with some-one else who isn’t there. Another trend is to share your DIY selfies, or so-called Suzelfsie, for all the world to see, pure Suzelle DIY style. Mmm, interesting.

Making Interesting Waves

South Africa holds the Guiness Book world record for the most selfie pictures of 12 598 taken in an hour. In India, a Velfie App for smart phones and tablets was developed. They plan for the App to turn into a video social network with the same type of timeline as Twitter, from where one can live-stream too. The hope is for advertisers to buy into the concept, making it a profitable network.

Oops, it’s an Elphie!

Even elephants caught up on to the new craze. Where would one find a longer selfie (or velfie) stick than the trunk of an elephant? You also won’t get a better and wider shot taken than that. At the Victoria Falls during a Wild Horizons Elephant back Safari, a tourist dropped his GoPro equipment during a video recording. Jock politely picked it up and handed it back to his passenger while still filming the unique velfie. Another Thailand elephant reached for a camera when Canadian tourist Christian Le Blanc ran out of bananas he was feeding to the elephants. His GoPro camera was set up for continuous filming at the time, capturing the whole affair. Another accidently took a selfie in a Worchestershire Safari Park in the UK, when it mistook a dropped phone for food.

Best Selfie (or Velfie) Stick Ever – The Friend

Who doesn’t feel like a self-conscious narcissistic loner taking the one selfie or velfie after the other in public, just to share with strangers through the internet? Awkward! Well, there is an easy solution to this rather uncomfortable little matter. The very best selfie stick you can ever have is called The Friend. It comes with a whole array of perks. For starters, this one is free, compared to round about R150 of a selfie stick. There could be some charges here though, for fun. While many museums, concert venues and others banned selfie sticks, this one is admitted with no problems whatsoever. It also takes the very best pictures and videos, extends much further than the stick and can automatically adjust the focus, picture quality, framing, etc. It even shares your fun moments with you and can hold a conversation about your experiences.

Selfie or Velfie

How does the saying go: “A picture is worth a thousand words”, right? Therefore the selfie will always be with us, even though it seems as if the velfie gained more popularity. Peter Jackson once said: “The most honest form of filmmaking is to make a film for yourself”. How about making a real short one of yourself, velfie style?!