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Waist Trainer: The Comeback of the Corset

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The Waist Trainer Craze

Truth is stranger than fiction and the fact of the return of the corset is one of them. With photos on social media showing Kim Kardashian sporting the modern day corset, titled the Waist Trainer, women are flocking to buy this new-fangled, “old-fashioned” garment. Available on the website www.vflourish.com, or at U.S. county fairs, the public has gone wild for this item. You may well ask what it is. Well, for most women and men I suppose, the part of our bodies that get out of shape is the belly. A big reason for this is that we lack the time, energy or discipline to maintain a rigorous work out schedule. How easy would it be to just put something on and voila, there you go!

Though the Waist Trainer seems to be geared towards the younger market and for a glamorous audience, many older people buy it for the purpose of getting back support and for a better posture. With a cotton inner lining and a latex outer lining, the garment induces a process called thermo-genesis, which heats the body at a cellular level. By gently constricting the abdominal muscles, they are activated and you automatically start working out. The dual process of heating the cells and activating the muscles promotes core strength and helps detoxify the body.

The Victorian practice of Waist Training is definitely making a comeback with the promotion of the modern day corset. The benefits of wearing one are both instant and gradual. The grip of the garment immediately tightens up your look, while over time, wearing the garment works out your muscles and helps you burn fat. Why not give it a try? Designed to be worn originally from two to four hours a day, by increasing the wear by an hour a day, the Waist Trainer can eventually be worn for a maximum of eight hours a day.